The Synergy family of engines are high performance V8 designs ranging from 2000 to 3000cc.

The engines have been race proven across a number of disciplines since 2007, and are highly developed to provide state of the art levels of weight and specific power. Modern motorcycle cylinder head technology is used to provide high specific power levels at competitive cost of ownership.

The engines have been designed and developed in a modular configuration in order to be suited to a wide range of applications and installations, ranging from club racing to championship high level motorsport. Front and mid-engine locations, gasoline and alternative fuels, and even stressed mounting retrofits for single seat applications. Many control options are developed and available.

Engine configurations available:

2000cc V8 - >400hp, 14,500rpm maximum. Finger follower valve train. S1000RR cylinder head.

2400cc V8 - 405hp, 11,600rpm maximum. Cost effective performance. ZX12R based.

3000cc V8 - 515hp, 10,900rpm maximum. High performance, ZX12R / ZX14R cylinder head

Contact us to confirm installation details and options, or for information pack and pricing. Complete engine packages with engine management are priced from $43,000USD